Showing Up As a Leader

Showing Up as a Leader

Over the last two decades, I have had the privilege of coaching thousands of business leaders. I have seen leaders transform themselves, their teams, and the entire organisation. Achieving growth beyond their wildest expectations. The common theme amongst transformative leaders is the way they make intentional choices about the way that they want to see their organisation grow.

My favourite questions to ask is: How do you want to show up as a leader?

Starting with the end in mind, I often find the following points beneficial for answering the question:

  1. Know Your Purpose.

The first step in showing up as a leader has to do with being intentional with your actions and choices. Know your purpose, what will your leadership legacy by when people look back at this period in the organisation’s history? A leader who is focused on the employee experience, doing right by their team, their peers, and their customers will lead differently than someone whose intentions lie elsewhere. As a leader, what are you holding yourself accountable for? A great leader will develop a leadership vision for themselves, including purpose, values, and strategy. They will not leave leadership to chance.

  1. Authenticity Matters

Authentic leaders generate a participative team environment fostering psychological safety, transparency, and trust. Authentic leaders cultivate authenticity across the organisation, demonstrating self-awareness and balanced processing underpinned by ethics. Authentic leaders ensure behaviours and processes are geared toward upholding organisational values, culture, and identity. Authentic leaders take the time to nurture relationships.

Authentic leaders take time to know people. Find out about their passions and their pain points — then help empower them.  Authentic leaders are present. They put their phone and laptop away in meetings, they connect.

In what ways do you demonstrate your authenticity?

  1. Practicing Reflexivity

The best leaders are those who wake up every morning on a mission. Their mission has nothing to do with to-do lists or action plans. Their mission is focused on the big picture, making a difference.

Leaders are human. Great leaders practice reflexivity, they are humble and allow themselves to be vulnerable. They are cognisant of stopping and checking in on their own behaviours and processes. Are their behaviours serving them well, how are they contributing to the success of those around them, how are they contributing to optimising their own performance?

A good business leader is generous, they practice transparency of behaviour and openness. They coach their team members on how to create value, the importance of enterprise leadership, ethical behaviour, and perseverance.  Moreover, that growth comes when we are challenged.

Do yourself a favour, and ask yourself: How do you want to show up as a leader?



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