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Individual Career Services

Your Individual Career Transition Management Support

Your Success is Critical to Us

You will have the opportunity to be matched with one of our experienced Senior Career Coaches who will work with you to identify your goals and design a strategy and practical plan that delivers the level of professional and career success you are looking to achieve. Our aim is to ensure each individual achieves their goals with a greater appreciation and understanding of their strengths, newly acquired capabilities, skills, knowledge and confidence.

Advantage in the Market

Understanding today’s fiercely competitive job market and how to tap into hidden roles and opportunities is key to career and job search success.  Our Senior Career Coaches will partner with each individual to deliver the highest quality professional resume ensuring an unfair advantage against other candidates. Interviewing and networking are without doubt the two areas most people lack confidence and they are also the areas that when done well maximise career and job search effectiveness, our Senior Career Coaches will ensure interview and networking readiness. Strategy and action plans that utilise both digital and traditional career and job search platforms enables our participants to fast-track the success of their immediate and long term career goals.

Better results faster

We don’t believe in settling for just any job and neither do the individual’s we support. Utilising the professional expertise, practical support and resources of our Senior Career Coaches the individual’s we support consistently report identifying and securing their new role significantly faster than colleges and friends that go it alone. They also report salary increases, securing a role with enhanced opportunities and improved work-life balance in organisations that are aligned to their values, a confident  vision and plan for their professional future and immediately feeling valued by their new employer.

100% Tailored Support

Flexibility is critical to every work place and at PeopleNet our team has guaranteed 100% tailored flexible support for over two decades.  Whether it is face to face, via telephone, email, or online in a virtual meeting space we ensure everyone has options that are tailored to meet their specific needs.  We also accommodate holidays, renovations, family time, work commitments, illness and any other reason someone might need a break in their career coaching support, it is very important to us that our support adds value to every facet of someone’s life and therefore bespoke is essential.

Developing your Leadership Strategy

Our Senior Executive participants recognise the value of a dedicated Executive Career Coach to maximise their effectiveness during and after a career transition. Identifying leadership strengths and key development areas is critical for growth, enhancing performance and developing confidence in your professional brand and significantly increases the likelihood of securing a role that is match to your skills, experience, drivers and values.

Our Senior Executive participants report that developing the all-important first 100 day strategy with their Executive Career Coach ensures their confidence is heightened, self-awareness enhanced, communication more effective and drive and determination high.

If world-class athletes engage a coach to deliver a winning performance then it makes sense that leading Senior Executives engage one too!

Your Senior Career Coach

We match the strengths and expertise of our Senior Career Coaches to the industry, background and requirements of each individual to deliver the highest level of connection, collaboration and rapport.  Our Senior Career Coaches work confidentially in partnership with each individual, tailoring support to meet individual goals, objectives and timeframes.

Knowledge is Power

We are able to undertake career assessments that include understanding strengths, development areas, drivers, communication styles,  mental toughness, interests, values etc, and the individual’s we support report that the depth of knowledge they gain from these assessments enables them to feel more confident in their decision-making, presenting their skills and achievements and managing their career moving forward.

Options and Possibilities

Our Senior Career Coaches use established frameworks and analytical tools to support the identification of career and job search goals and explore the career options and possibilities available to each individual. Formulating a comprehensive transition strategy and plan consistently leads to enhanced outcomes both during and after the journey.

Financial Advice

PeopleNet’s Partnership with AMP Direct means we are able to connect individuals with a professional financial adviser who is able to answer all financial related questions, make recommendations, give guidance and ultimately peace of mind.