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What is a career transition or outplacement program?

It’s a program exclusively aimed to assist you as you expediently transition from one role to the next following a corporate restructure. Your career transition program will include the development of first-class job search skills comprising of creating a professional resume, and enhancing networking and interviewing techniques. With expert assistance from your Senior Career Coach you will also explore your career options and identify your career direction enabling the development of a results-oriented job search plan.

Do you help me find a job?

We will ensure that you confidently understand your career options and career direction and know how to find the right role for you. We will help you every step of the way from professional resume development through to contract negotiation, ensuring you achieve your career and job search goals.

Are you a recruiter?

We are not recruiters – our role is to do so much more to assist you as you secure your new role. We believe that recruiters are a notable part of any job search strategy however they are just one part of effective job search. We will help you navigate the recruitment market and recommend the recruiters that specialise in your field and coach you how to link up with a comprehensive choice recruiters. Most importantly we will coach you on how to tap into the hidden job market and identify the 70% of roles that recruiters never see.

Who pays for my program?

Your program is fully paid by your employer. There’s no cost to you whatsoever

Is my information confidential?

Yes it is.  Our code of ethics ensures complete discretion and the confidentiality of anything we discuss.

What if I'm looking overseas?

For over two decades we have successfully supported individuals who are seeking their next role overseas.

When should I start the program?

The majority of individuals we have successfully supported report that starting their career transition support immediately helped them immensely. They report that by starting their support immediately they were able to feel more in control of the situation because with the support of their Senior Career Coach they understood the requirements of successful job search and make decisions around timeframes, career and financial needs. Individuals also report that being prepared with the support of their Senior Career Coach then enabled them to seize great opportunities. Finally individuals reported that even if they were planning to take a holiday in between roles by starting their program immediately they felt more confident and in a better place to enjoy their break knowing they were well prepared for when they wanted to enter the job market.

It's still some time before my exit date should I start my program now?

It is definitely worth starting your Career Transition Program by meeting with your Senior Career Coach and planning your transition and job search goals. We highly recommend starting your program before you finish your role as the additional time enables you to prepare and commence your job search without feeling panicked and typically the individuals we support secure new roles ready for when they finish their old role, which for many people is ideal.

I'm planning on taking a break, can I delay my program?

We completely understand that many people decide to use their transition time to enjoy a break and as we tailor all support we are happy to accommodate individual needs. So that we understand your transition and job search needs we recommend contacting us before you take a break so that we understand your situation and your timeframes and we can prepare for when you are ready to commence your program.