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Managing Large-Scale Restructures and downsizing

PeopleNet consultants have managed some of the highest profile and successful organisational restructures and manufacturing closures in Australia.

Our consultants have partnered with Boards and Executive Leadership Teams to project manage and develop organisational strategy to protect company brand, retain high performing employees and ensure strong resilient employee engagement post restructure for change projects involving up to 2000+ impacted employees over extended periods.

PeopleNet consultants support leaders with the design and implementation of the large-scale restructures, assisting with strategic planning, development of communication plans and documents, business process re-engineering, restructure and career transition management activities. PeopleNet  has successfully designed and delivered best practice on-site Job Search Centres during large on-going change projects supporting impacted, redeployed and surviving employees and have and achieved placement rates of 100% success for those employees actively seeking re-employment.

Career Transition Management & Outplacement

Individual Career Transition Management Programs for Senior Management, Middle Level & Support Employees

PeopleNet provide a wide range of individually tailored Career Management Programs, which enable management to select the appropriate support for Senior Management, Middle Level & Support Employees affected by a restructure.

Best practice career transition support:

Managing the impact

Being on-site to confidentially meet with the impacted individual immediately after they receive the news from their manager and HR enables our Senior Career Coaches to:

  • Work through the immediate impacts of the news and the emotion of the situation ensuring the employees emotional and physical well-being on the day
  • Introduce the tailored career transition support & outplacement service
  • Create a link to a positive future

Managing each individual’s career transition

Our Senior Career Coaches support each individual to plan and manage their job search/career transition, acting as an expert adviser, career coach and sounding board, providing the ongoing support and encouragement required to successful transition.

Career assessment

Enhancing self-awareness is crucial for supporting an individual’s well-being and gaining a sense of control during transition. Our Senior Career Coaches work with each participant to understand their skills, strengths, achievements, interests, drivers, communication style and development areas, which supports enhanced job search outcomes and also builds confidence, reduces stress and enhances resilience.

Career planning

Our Senior Career Coaches utilise established frameworks and diagnostic tools to support each participant as they explore career options and direction, identify their professional and personal goals, research the job market, and develop their job search strategy.

Job Search Strategy & Planning

Our Senior Career Coaches provide expertise and support on developing a successful job search strategy and implementation plan. This strategy includes all facets of practical job search from professional resume development, strong LinkedIn branding, extensive interview preparation and proactive marketing communication. The strategy and plan also focuses on tapping into the hidden job market where over 70% of roles exist and yet are not advertised, this optimises individual’s opportunities, confidence and success.

Executive support

Our Senior Career Coaches are highly qualified and experienced in supporting Senior Executives to successfully transition to their next role across all industries. We look forward to discussing with you how we can best support your colleagues.


Our satisfaction and passion for delivering best practice Career Transition Management support comes from supporting each individual through their journey until they achieve a successful result. Our work is complete when each individual achieves their transition goal.


When redeployment is an option

Our team of Senior Career Coaches has specialist expertise and experience in supporting employees to navigate the process of redeployment. We understand the advantage of preserving corporate knowledge, experience and cultural integrity through redeployment as well as the cost effectiveness of not having to go down the redundancy path.

Successfully navigating redeployment is not easy and many employees end up feeling frustrated, angry, under-valued, lose self-confidence and their sense of well-being as a result, this in turn impacts their relationships with management and colleagues and often makes redeployment feel like a no-win situation for everyone. In order to reduce the risk of a negative redeployment experience our client’s engage the support of our Senior Career Coaches to assist individual employees to navigate the transition ensuring they feel in control of their career, have a renewed sense of self-confidence, are engaged and motivated by the new opportunities presented to them and view redeployment as the right career move.

Executive Coaching

We partner with organisations to develop appropriate Executive Coaching solutions that drive real business value.

PeopleNet offers tailored Executive Career Coaching Programs for employees designed to accelerate individual capabilities and effectiveness, enhance existing skills and acquire new skills and knowledge.

Coaching helps individuals grow as professionals and contribute fully to the success of an organisation. Done well, it can turn performance management into a collaborative process that benefits everyone.

In today’s environment of changing technology and evolving organisations, coaching can have a strategic impact. It provides continuous learning and develops people to meet current and future needs. Coaching is an investment that you make in developing your key people for the long-term benefit of your organisation.

PeopleNet delivers evidenced-based coaching with scientifically validated techniques and strategies from the behavioural science of Psychology to expedite the enrichment of work performance, goal attainment, personal growth and well-being. It is a solution-focused, collaborative, results-oriented practice, with each coaching engagement bespoke to the individual.

Our team of Senior Executive Coaches can support with:

  • Career Development
  • Achieving and sustaining optimal performance
  • Positive Leadership Development
  • Assimilating to a new position/organisation or a new role
  • Women in leadership
  • Building resources to increase resilience
  • Developing positive communication and relationships
  • New to Management
  • Managing under-performers
  • Positive Team Building, Team Effectiveness
  • Enhancing Career Satisfaction & Engagement
  • Managing Upwards
  • Self-regulation
  • Well-being at work – positive psychology
  • Building Mental Toughness & Grit

Develop Internal Coaching Capability

The aim of our Internal Manager Coaching & Development program is to provide Managers with a sound grounding in the theoretical and methodological aspects of coaching and coaching psychology and teaches fundamental applied coaching skills.

This program is designed to provide Managers with the key theoretical understandings and the core skills necessary to enhance the performance and productivity of their direct reports & their own personal and professional development. Managers should expect to gain an appreciation of coaching psychological theories and principles that enhance coaching practice, and a foundation in the core skills of coaching.

Internal coaching supports the development and capability of coaching as a leadership competency in organisations. The program’s focus is on how to use coaching to support cerebral, emotional and behavioural transformations and to facilitate goal attainment in others.

On-Site Coaching Centres

In partnership with Learning & Development and Human Resource Executives PeopleNet has established on-site Coaching Centres for organisations who want to capitalise on their internal learning & development strengths and foster their organisational knowledge across all leadership and coaching platforms.

The establishment of an on-site Coaching Centre and support program is 100% tailored to meet individual organisational objectives and is designed to empower the organisation by building coaching capability that is retained and cascaded throughout the business.