Key Competencies for Interview Preparation


When preparing for interview start by identifying the key competencies that match the job criteria. Then prepare examples to match the key competencies of the role which you can share at interview. To get you started, the following are some of the competencies typically required in roles:


Problem Analysis Identifies problems, secures relevant information, relates data from different sources, and identified causes of problems.


Judgement Developing alternative courses of action and making decisions which are based on logical assumptions and which reflect factual information.


Decisiveness Readiness to make decision, render judgements, take action, or commit oneself.


Planning and Organising Establishes a course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a specific goal; plans proper assignments of personnel and/or appropriate allocation of resources.


Independence Takes actions in which the dominant influence is one’s own convictions rather than the influence of others’ opinions.


Tolerance for Stress Stability of performance under pressure and/or opposition.


Leadership Utilisation of appropriate interpersonal styles and methods in guiding individuals (staff, peers, managers) or groups toward task accomplishment.


Initiative Makes active attempts to influence events to secure organisational supplies, resources or information to achieve goals.  Actions taken to achieve goals are beyond normal performance expectations of position.


Work Standards Set high goals or standards for self, staff, others, and organisation.  Dissatisfied with average performance.


Written Communication Clear expression of ideas in writing and in good grammatical form.


Oral Presentation Effective expression when presenting ideas or tasks to an individual or to a group when given time for preparation (includes gestures and non-verbal communication).


Oral Communication Effective expression in individual or group situations (includes gestures and non-verbal communication).


Listening Use of information extracted from oral communication.


Sales Ability Persuasiveness Utilising appropriate interpersonal styles and methods of communication to gain agreement or acceptance of an idea, plan, activity or product from clientele.


Delegation Utilising staff/peers effectively.  Allocating decision- making and other responsibilities to the appropriate subordinates.


Management Identification Achievement of personal satisfaction from managerial tasks, identify with and accept the problems and responsibilities of management.


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