A career transition or outplacement program is exclusively aimed to assist you as you expediently transition from one role to the next following a corporate restructure. Your career transition program will include the development of first-class job search skills, including creating a professional resume and LinkedIn profile, developing a strategic networking campaign, and sophisticated interview techniques. With expert assistance from your Senior Career Coach, you will also explore your career options and identify your career direction enabling the activation of a results-oriented job search plan.

We will ensure that you confidently understand your career options and career direction and know how to find the right role for you. We will help you every step of the way from professional resume development through to contract negotiation, ensuring you achieve your career and job search goals.

We are not recruiters – our role is to do so much more to assist you as you secure your new role. We believe that recruiters are a notable part of any job search strategy however they are just one part of effective job search. We will help you navigate the recruitment market and recommend the recruiters that specialise in your field. We will coach you on how to connect with a comprehensive choice of recruiters. Most importantly we will coach you on how to tap into the hidden job market and identify the 80% of roles that recruiters never see.

Your program is fully paid by your employer. There’s no cost to you.

Yes, it is. Our industry operates within a code of ethics that ensures complete discretion and the confidentiality of anything we discuss.

For over two decades, we have successfully supported individuals who are seeking their next role overseas.

The majority of individuals we have supported report that starting their career transition helped them immensely. They report that they immediately felt more in control. And with the support of their Senior Career Coach, they understood the requirements of successful job search and were well placed to make decisions around timeframes, career and financial needs. Individuals also report that being prepared, with the support of their Senior Career Coach, enabled them to seize great opportunities. Individuals also reported that even if they were planning to take a holiday in between roles, by starting their program immediately they felt more confident and in a better place to enjoy their break knowing they were well prepared to enter the job market.

Yes. 100% of our clients agree that starting their Career Transition Program before exiting the company is ideal. Clients report that meeting their Senior Career Coach and planning their career transition and job search goals was the boost they needed to navigate a particularly stressful time. We highly recommend starting your program before you exit, as the additional time enables you to prepare and commence your job search which reduces anxiety and stress. Often our clients secure new roles with the support of their senior career coaches before they exit their old role, which for many people is ideal.

Yes. We completely appreciate that when someone is between roles it is a great time to enjoy a break. Our career transition support is 100% tailored, and we are happy to accommodate individual needs, including taking a well-earned break. We do recommend you contact us before you take a break so we can understand your situation including transition and job search goals and timeframes, we can then prepare for when you are ready to commence.

We have successfully supported Australia’s largest restructures 
over 20 years.

they know they are in safe hands...
"PeopleNet’s career transition management (or outplacement as we use to refer to it before PeopleNet helped us understand its so much more) is the best. We have engaged PeopleNet for over 15 years to support our employees whose roles are impacted by redundancy. PeopleNet has a 100% success rate in supporting employees to secure new roles. PeopleNet is so trusted amongst our employees that they will tell us, while they dislike a restructure announcement at least they know they are in safe hands if their role is impacted. PeopleNet are an integral part of our ability to successfully navigate change and maintain trust with our employees."
CLIENT Industry: Healthcare Industry
Role: ANZ Head of People & Culture
a key people and culture partner...
"We have engaged PeopleNet for 20 years to provide career transition support and executive coaching to our employees. We consider PeopleNet as a key people and culture partner. They exceed our expectations in every assignment. I would highly recommend Abby and the PeopleNet team."
CLIENT Industry: Global Vice President People & Culture
Role: Healthcare Industry
elevated my understanding...
“I have had a great experience working with PeopleNet. My Senior Career Coach has been fantastic in helping me craft my CV, LinkedIn and preparing for interviews. He has elevated my understanding of how organisations function and has been a wealth of knowledge and support during this tough time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anybody in my circumstance.”
CLIENT Industry: Healthcare
Role: Asia Pacific Senior Marketing Manager
transition to my first CEO role seamlessly...
"My PeopleNet executive coach has enabled me to successfully transition to my first CEO role seamlessly. As part of my contract I requested my PeopleNet Executive Coach as they had been an invaluable asset in my previous role. From onboarding through the first 12 months my executive coach challenged and supported me. Developing my leadership and team capabilities and enabling me to thrive. I was set up for success. I would highly recommend PeopleNet executive coaching."
CLIENT Industry: Global Healthcare Company
Role: CEO
a constant, positive presence...
“It was a real pleasure for me to not only to work with my PeopleNet Senior Career Coach, but also to get to know him quite well. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to have had as much access as I did. His expertise in terms of LinkedIn and functional CVs benefited me greatly and provided me with tangible outcomes from our time together. Most importantly, my career coach has been a constant, positive presence as I transitioned from a company I had worked with for 21 years to a completely new job opportunity.”
CLIENT Industry: Medical Device
Role: Managing Director
three sensational sessions dedicated to our growth…
“Our Senior Leadership Team was struggling coming out of COVID. We were dealing with a new level of complexity and at the same time feeling like we needed a re-fresh, having not looked after our own development for some time. We engaged PeopleNet to help our Senior Leadership Team to review our vision and purpose and explore how we show up for our employees each day. We had three sensational sessions dedicated to our growth. We came out feeling re-energised and re-committed, with a clearer vision and aligned leadership behaviours which we have enacted every day since. I would recommend PeopleNet to any senior leadership team, their expertise is second to none.”
CLIENT Industry: Healthcare
Role: Managing Director
expertise in large-scale change was unmatched
"Before embarking on our organisations largest transformation I asked trusted CEO peers who they would recommend to partner with us. PeopleNet came highly recommended, their expertise in large-scale change was unmatched. PeopleNet was key to our ability to successfully transform. Thanks to PeopleNet we mitigated risks that to be honest we hadn’t thought of, our leaders were confident, and we created psychologically safety for our employees that ensured we could re-build trust, and protect and improve our culture. I would absolutely recommend PeopleNet for every organisational change and transformation. Call them at the time you are contemplating any change, they will save you time and money."
CLIENT Industry: Consumer
Role: Managing Director
one of my best career decisions...
"Thanks to my PeopleNet Executive Coach I successfully secured my first two Non-Executive Director positions within 12 weeks. My coach assisted with everything from developing my board resume through to helping me genuinely understand my brand as a NED and how to transition my executive director skills to NED expertise in the director labour market. The interview skills they shared with me were career changing. Investing in executive coaching with PeopleNet was one of my best career decisions."
CLIENT Industry: Consumer
Role: General Manager / Non-Executive Coach
really challenged and encouraged me...
"When I took on my most recent APAC HRD position I made sure I selected a premium executive to safeguard optimum onboarding and first 6 months. My PeopleNet Exec Coach helped me with my leadership vision and strategy and really challenged and encouraged me in ways I know I wouldn’t have done myself. Their knowledge and expertise is second to none. I have subsequently recommended PeopleNet to the regional leadership team, and just invested in another 6 months of coaching for myself."
CLIENT Industry: Consumer
the journey has been one of genuine growth…
“The team at PeopleNet is the best. From the initial meeting to the last, PeopleNet have treated me with dignity and respect and made my career transition a positive one. The journey has been one of genuine growth for me. As a senior leader I will be sharing my newfound knowledge with my teams especially around navigating change. I will utilise PeopleNet myself, and I would recommend them.”
CLIENT Industry: Consumer
Role: Director, Ethics, Compliance & Risk
exceeded our expectations...
The PeopleNet team are experts! Our organisation has gone through a global agile transformation, and we engaged PeopleNet to support us across ANZ. From pre-launch strategic planning, through to coaching the Executive Leadership on leading through change, to supporting the People & Organisation team on every milestone of the 12-month project, PeopleNet has exceeded our expectations. PeopleNet supported our impacted employees with career transition management and ensured 100% success in terms of helping our colleagues securing new roles. We have worked with PeopleNet for 15 years and we truly 
value our partnership.”
CLIENT Industry: Healthcare
Role: Head of People & Organisation Asia Pacific Region
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